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Single Cell

Made Simple

SimpleCell™ 3′ Gene Expression

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Fast, Seamless,


No complex combinatorial, multi-step indexing schemes or emulsions – we simply use natural chemical and biological processes to deliver high quality single cell data across thousands of cells, simultaneously.

Free your


Our next-generation instrument-free technology is simple, fast, and plugs seamlessly into existing laboratory infrastructure – giving you more time (and budget) to focus on better science.


your lab.

Fixation-free pause point at the time of cell collection – cells can conveniently be stored on ice or frozen for processing later, minimizing batch effects and giving you the ability to easily tackle multi-parameter experiments.

No Stress.


No expensive hardware, complex indexing schemes or emulsions.

SimpleCell™ 3′ Gene Expression

SimpleCell™ 3′ Gene Expression

It’s as Simple as


  • Small footprint | 8 or 16 samples
  • Only two storage conditions

About the Technology

Access Program

We’re making available a pre-commercial version of our 3′ gene expression single cell genomics product called “SimpleCell™”, for you to try out. We’d love to get your feedback on how it works in your lab and see how it benefits your research. 

There are no strings to signing up other than your lab being equipped and ready to perform the assay and process the data. We do need to be selective on how many sites we can support and will try our best to accommodate as many as we can.

Once you've signed up, we'll send you an email and someone from CS Genetics will be in touch to do a site preparation and readiness check.
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